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Our Story


We are Summit Web Solutions, a web services company built for small business.

We want to solve one of the biggest problems in web development - overpriced work for simple changes.

That's why we stick to a low, monthly rate, and commit to no extra fees or surprises, no matter what your business needs.

So, why are some development companies so expensive?

Technical expertise

The first and most obvious reason - this work is technical, and requires a niche. This is why we get paid in the first place.

Unfamiliar codebase

One of the most complicated and dangerous aspects of inheriting a website is the code left behind by the previous owner. If your site in a bad spot, the web development company may need to make some expensive and time-consuming changes.

Out of house contractors

Coming in cold, they may not understand the direction of your business. Getting to a comfortable point with communication and objectives can take time, and eventually, money.

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Here's how we solve these problems:

Technical expertise

Our in-house team is fully trained to handle nearly everything you throw at them, aided by our company-wide streamlined workflow process.

We familiarize

Your code becomes our code. Yes, this can be a difficult process - but due to the elongated nature of our relationship, as they say, time heals everything (even code).

We're "in-house"

After a few months of working together, our team will begin to feel like your very own in-house team of coders. Forget outsourcing.

Your success is ours

Last but not least, we're here for the long haul. Other companies can make some questionable changes, leave, and suffer no consequences. We want you to succeed as bad as we want to succeed.

Founder Headshot

Kyle Baskin


"Giving small businesses the big business treatment."

Before founding Summit Web Solutions, Kyle worked in the web development industry for four years. He realized that some smaller companies couldn't afford the thousand dollar costs for what he believed to be simple edits, so he looked to find another solution.

Thus, Summit Web Solutions was born. A company which focused on a palletable $275 subscription, instead of a massive down payment.